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Tammi Axelson

Child Custody Evaluations:

Dr. Axelson conducts child custody evaluations in Angelina, Nacogdoches, Houston and surrounding counties, as well as other counties throughout the state of Texas.  She also accepts appointments in other counties and is willing to travel with approval prior to the court order. Evaluations are only conducted with a signed court order. Dr. Axelson follows the guidelines outlined in the Texas Family Code, Section 107, Subchapter D, and adhears to the model standards of practice for custody evaluators published by AFCC. These evaluations are conducted to assist the court in determining the best parenting plan for children and are forensic in nature. The information received in evaluations is not confidential and could be testified to in court. A child custody evaluation can be a stressful and lengthy process for all parties involved. Dr. Axelson’s primary goal is to be a neutral evaluator focusing on the best interest of children and assisting families in resolving litigation. 


Adoption Evaluations:

Adoption evaluations (also commonly refers to as home studies) are required by the court for all families who  wish to adopt. Dr. Axelson conducts pre and post adoption evaluations for non-relative domestic adoptions, as well as evaluations for stepparents, grandparents and other family members. She is also contracted by several private adoption agencies and has done assessments for prospective foster parents.


Expert Consultant:

Dr. Axelson is available to attorneys as an expert to review other child custody evaluations to ensure their compliance with the Texas Family Code, and she will work with attorneys to determine if the work done by other professionals in this field meets the standards of practice. Dr. Axelson will also work as a testifying expert or behind the scenes as an consultant to assist with trial preparation. She is also available to provide expert testimony regarding issues in the field of family law such as: relocation, parental alienation, parenting plans for children under three years old and ethical requirements for custody evaluators and other mental health professionals. Dr. Axelson is also available to meet with attorneys and clients to assist them in developing appropriate parenting plans in hopes of avoiding costly litigation. 


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